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Create Simple Flash Animation with Fuzzwich

Posted by Charles | November 19, 2007 | Comment

If you think you have a bit of creativity at the bottom of your mind, try Fuzzwich. Fuzzwich Minivids are short accessible Flash animations that are dead simple to make. Minivids are built to be used conversationally as video messages and have zero barrier to entry. I come to think creativity is not really required. You only need to enjoy having fun. Of cause, like everybody else, it’s social network too so that you can share your “minvids” to your friends. And, you can embed your works (or others’ works) where ever you want.

One Man S Corp Needs be Careful

Posted by Charles | November 18, 2007 | Comment

As usual, I’ll drop in some help info for who ever is working to be an entrepreneur. Some of you might be independent consultant and might has business as S Corporation. Here is a year-end tax-planning tip for you IT consultants and web entrepreneurs operating as S corporations got from Stephen L. Nelson, who publishes the do-it-yourself S corporation web site, recently shared this scary snidbit concerning S corporation. Nelson says that at a November 1 Internal Revenue Service symposium in Seattle for tax practitioners, Mark Pierce, the IRS’s national S corporation issue specialist and S Corporation technical […] Continue Reading…

Indeed Adobe is Going More Online

Posted by Charles | November 18, 2007 | Comment

Adobe said it would go 100% online. I think it’s really on the way going there. Adobe bought this web word processor, Bussword, written in Flex, which is a very usable online authoring tool. Now the Adobe Share opened its beta door to public. It seems Adobe Share is written in Flex too. What share does is similar to other online document sharing sites such as Docstoc, a startup mimics the youtube type model. Adobe Share allows you share document using its service by upload the files. Then it will create Flash preview of the file, if it’s PDF […] Continue Reading…

Free Flex Training Grab When You Can

Posted by Charles | November 17, 2007 | 2 Comments

Adobe offers free Flex training and it ends at December 31, 2007. I’ve gone though it and it’s worth the time. You can sign up from here and the code is: 29fa706d

Is Flash on Android Possible?

Posted by Charles | November 16, 2007 | 20 Comments

Read a headline, Symbian dismisses Google Android, on iContact Community and made me thinking. It seems to me, like it or not, Android will change how information technologies be deployed to people or business. I can compare this with when PC and DOS were introduced out of the mainframe age. Also, we all know that regardless how platform shifts, UI counts, and now connection counts too. So, how RIA, the representation of good UI with connection, fits into the new Android world? Is there a place for Flash based UI on the Android platform? Android is such as open […] Continue Reading…

Flash All Your Books Out

Posted by Charles | November 16, 2007 | 1 Comment

Is mashup a viable business model? Are we going to trust mashup application and give out our personal data to them? Those are still questions but they won’t stop people trying. The startup called Bookbump, a Flash (flex?) based mashup of Amazon ECS and Google Base, is asking you put your book list to there.

There are quite a few book title sharing startups out there, even book exchanges that mimic the those media (music) playlist based social networks. Bookbump’s uniqueness is the technologies they are using. It seems more and more startups take advantage the Amazon ECS platform. […] Continue Reading…

Get Your Ideas Spin

Posted by Charles | November 15, 2007 | Comment

Check out this creative toy, Idea Wheel. You would be surprised to know the wheel is actually bunch of images and JavaScript spin it. I guess creativity has no limitation in terms of utilizing tools. I really admire people like this Idea Wheel creator who would spend chunk of his own time and effort to show the world what can be delivered using technologies in hands. That’s how the web be made a beautiful place to enjoy.

That’s Why Adobe going 100% online

Posted by Charles | November 14, 2007 | 1 Comment

Last month at the Web 2.0 conference, Adobe CEO Bruce Chizen told the world that Adobe is going 100% online, during the next 10 years. That announcement ignited the talks across blogshpere about the SaaS proliferation. To me, the reason is much simpler, if they don’t do it, someone else will. Here is an example, the startup Splashup, a pure web based image editing tool, in Flex. I know Splashup (formerly Fauxto) is far less powerful than the huge installation on your PC, called Photoshop. But, after playing it awhile, I found it’s more useful than one of my […] Continue Reading…

10 grains of rice a time – easiest donation

Posted by Charles | November 12, 2007 | Comment

And it’s the cheapest too. FreeRice is a pure charity site with a very simple and focused purpose, asking you donate 10 grains of rice a time, by guessing a word’s meaning. So far, they have donated 300 tons of rice and feeds 50,000 hungry people a day! And, it’s only a one month old site! Talking about simplicity and crowd sourcing, this can’t be better example. The first day the site started, they only collected 830 grains of rice. Amazing viral marketing effect. Feel like there are so much to learn from this, but before that, let’s put […] Continue Reading…


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