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Lots of gPhones

Posted by Charles | November 5, 2007 | Comment

Jack at N95Pro, along with all geek around the world, is announcing the announcement of the Google Mobile OS Android. I agree with Jack that this is indeed a lot bigger than merely a gPhone. Google is trying to turn all phones gPhones.  That’s what Microsoft did when they started the PC operating system market and has dominated the market ever since. It also made the funder the richest man on Earth. Now, Google dives right into the mobile OS market and gives the OS out for free, which they can do that and used to do that to. It feels that […] Continue Reading…

20 Free Software for Designers

Posted by Charles | November 5, 2007 | Comment

Traditionally, designers have more expensive tools than software developers, no mention those high end hardware (I always envy those big flat screens on the designers’ desk). However, if you have talent, really cost you nothing to start express your imagination and creativity, at least at the software end. Here are some tools for you: Icon Design – IcoFX Let start something small, icon. Sometime, the little icon is more representative that those big images. You need a nice tool to craft one. IcoFx does the job very well. How about font – Linotype Font Manager What […] Continue Reading…

From Flash to Flex – Empressr Reborn

Posted by Charles | November 2, 2007 | Comment

I wrote about Empressr earlier this year. Back then it’s a pure Flash based startup that entered into the online slides creation space, along with Thumbstacks and others. Now, Empressr V.3 is out with brand new Flex user interface and richer set of features. Very impressive. To differentiate with other online/offline presentation creation offers, Empressr is focusing on rich media. I think it’s the right direction to take. Going more visual and social is generally a path to success at the online world. I’m sure Flex gives them quicker and easier ways of adding and improving features set, […] Continue Reading…

Technologies and Trick or Treat

Posted by Charles | November 1, 2007 | Comment

It’s old that only once a year we got walk around our neighborhoods and got meet lots of neighbors, that’s last night out with kids for Trick-or-treat. We’ve jammed with all these social networks and spend tons of daily time trying to be social animals online, but somehow we are slipping away further in distance from real people around us. Walking down the street last night made me thinking that, what roles that technologies really play in our life. There were more houses in dark and with for sale sign out this year. Sugar-high kids still tried walking up steps […] Continue Reading…

Silverlight Shines Election 2008

Posted by Charles | November 1, 2007 | Comment

I know it will happen sooner or later, that is the mashup using Silverlight with Microsoft Virtual Earth plus other Windows web development technologies. This is only because there is a big void there in the mashup space. Here comes one, the Silverlight Presidential Election 2008 developed by Novera Consulting. It’s all Microsoft approach, kinda refreshing somehow. This piece is developed using Silverlight, ASP.NET, Microsoft AJAX and Virtual Earth, of cause lots of JavaScripts. Even though from the application you can feel there are many developers’ touches than designers’, which we’ve been seeing lot on Flash based applications, […] Continue Reading…

Who is Using Flex

Posted by Charles | October 31, 2007 | 2 Comments

Interesting post at infoQ titled who is using Flex. It recognizes that Flex is reaching critical point (or mass), as a number of large companies are now using Flex to implement new features. Some big players are mentioned there. First, of cause it’s SAP. As we can still remember that SAP is indeed early (very) adapter of Flex. In a recent article from, James Governor gave more details on how SAP is pursuing better UI, with Flex as its option. The SAP application Spend Analytics is a very impressive full-blown Flex implementation. HP is very into Flex too. Some even […] Continue Reading…

Flex a Good Sleep

Posted by Charles | October 30, 2007 | Comment

Glad to see people are trying to utilize Flex for their commerce sites. One example if the P E Sleep Lab. You would see those familiar components are adapted there to built the site. If get rid of the background and beautify those title fonts, the site would be a good start. One thing I like about the approach to build a commerce site, is not only it works, but also the crispy effects really draw some attentions. The use experience is greatly improved. A caveat is, take the P E Sleep Lab as an example, that you really […] Continue Reading…

Many Ways to Skin a Flex

Posted by Charles | October 29, 2007 | 1 Comment

The best part of Flex, even though not that noticeable, is the skin (theme) and style support. It’s a important step to separate the UI design and the coding. The famous Flex Style Explorer will show the rope if you want to cut deeper into the skin thing. Otherwise, heading to Scale Nine will be fruitful for the look of your Flex App too. Scale Nine is a Flex/AIR theme(skin) repository. They don’t have a lot yet but the collection over there is very decent. Theme like iTune Skin certainly will make you style emulation quicker and easier.

Enterprise in a Box

Posted by Charles | October 28, 2007 | Comment

“Enterprise” is a multi billion dollar word. Many people and vendors are bring complexity into the enterprise world for a big price; Some others are trying to make it simple and easy. I found the company Epazz is the later one. It’s product BoxesOS tries to put enterprise into a box. Really BoxesOS is a content management system. It has all the usual stuffs you would expect from some big and expensive CMS package. You can provide content via web page, emails, polls, documents, RSS feeds or news announcements. The content creation is geared towards non technical people, so […] Continue Reading…


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