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Smart Widget Hunting Flash Map

Posted by Charles | October 27, 2007 | 1 Comment

The greatly anticipated Nokia widget platform, WidSets, is going from beta to live! Jack at N95Pro will give you some details that how he will enjoy those goodies on the Nokia N95. What I’m amazed here is the Widsets Map, the Flash widget discovery interface. We’ve gone to some list/catalog type sites once awhile. We know keeping your trails of items hunting was almost impossible after awhile. That was how the internet works I guess, more than often, you just forgot why and how you started the hour long bowstring. The dynamic map shown at Widsets Map seems great help in that […] Continue Reading…

TGiF with a new designer

Posted by Charles | October 26, 2007 | Comment

I enjoy promoting creative designers. It’s the designers that make Flex a main stream development platform now, not developers. We developers really just tag along and extend the Flash territory. Here is another young and talent one, Ala Abdulwahab. The site has his portfolio. I can’t imagine a good creative designer does without a a great flash web site. Even like Ala, he doesn’t really have a lot to show yet but the site, the design and attractive visual of the site will draw great deal of attention. The perspective client will be ensured and happy. It’s Friday, my friends. […] Continue Reading…

Flex Components in a Box

Posted by Charles | October 25, 2007 | 2 Comments

Even though there are still no standard way of contributing, sharing, retrieving and managing reusable Flex components, it can’t stop people trying (or sharing). Head to Flexbox you will find some interesting components that I sure you can sizzling up your app some. Flexbox itself is a Flex app, created and managed by Mrinal Wadhwa. I do like Mrinal’s efforts. It’ll be nice to have something like Ruby GEM or RoR plugin way of managing the components. Couple of things could be done better. It’ll be nice to make the Flexbox a component explorer which can show […] Continue Reading…

Is j2flex a Promising Flex Data Framework?

Posted by Charles | October 24, 2007 | Comment

Flex and RESTfull Ruby on Rails is my favorite data driven RIA web application framework. I even posted 10 Flex and Ruby on Rails resources awhile ago. I know people have been trying many other ways to allow Flex UI connect to the data sources, j2flex is a newer example. There are not whole lot on the j2flex web site yet except a blog and the Flex APIdoc and Java APIdoc.. The main features of j2flex are  Metabase and doing data CRUD right within a Flex application using it API. Metabase is not something new, we’ve seen large […] Continue Reading…

Flex into Social Graph Kingdom

Posted by Charles | October 23, 2007 | 2 Comments

While it’s getting colder everyday here at northern California, our neighborhood startup Facebook is getting hotter every moment you turn your attention to it. By now you should have known the term Social Graph. It’s crafted by the Facebook crowd and represents complex social environment and rich social data. You won’t pass a day lately without hearing a new Facebook application got released. For that matter, you won’t be surprised I show you a Flex based Facebook application, called Mosoto. Mosoto is claimed to be a new way to share and connect with your facebook friends. With Mosoto you can […] Continue Reading…

Get Your Flex Map API from the source

Posted by Moxie Zhang | October 22, 2007 | 3 Comments

I’ve received some emails asking about the Flex API (ESRI ArcWeb Explorer Flex API) I’ve used, since my posts about a Flex mashup. Charles and me won’t be able to answer all the questions. However, there are two places to get more information:

The official ArcWeb Service web site.
Mansour Raad’s blog ThunderHead Explorer. Mansour is one of the key persons behind the ArcWeb service stuffs. You will learn quite some insights over there.

I think geoweb is passing the mere excitement of putting markers on the maps. GeoProcess or serious spacial analysis capabilities will be coming to the center stage. That’s […] Continue Reading…

Good Old Java Back to RIA World

Posted by Charles | October 22, 2007 | 1 Comment

I was surprised by the progress Java made at RIA end. I am certainly surprised by the react of my surprise. This makes me look deeper into the state of Java, not only at the new comer JavaFX, but also good old Java language itself. My conclusion, we might do have formed certain stereotype regarding Java for UI. I think Java is quite capable now day and it’s a strong player at RIA space. I think part of Sun’s strategy of releasing JavaFX is to change the perception. It might work because the foundation of Java is ready. One […] Continue Reading…

Find People in a Web 2.0 Way

Posted by Charles | October 21, 2007 | 3 Comments

Trying to find somebody? There are couple of startups for people search, alone with all the social networks at you disposal. For example, I was trying to find and research the status of flex developers in certain area in the US. I might want to throw in couple of odd criteria that just  popped into my mind to narrow down the search. I found the only place give me that kind of flexibility is the new people search startup Spock is a people search application. You can search for celebrities you love, politicians you hate, athletes on your […] Continue Reading…

Some more Flex Application Demos

Posted by Charles | October 21, 2007 | 6 Comments

We used to be excited by Flex applications sighting on the web. Not anymore. There are quite usual you bump into some Flex goodies, even though the best Flash based web applications are still mostly pure Flash applications.

I would think buzzword alike full blow Flex application should be seen more and more. Anyway, here is another site show you some Flex applications.


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