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Call on a MD for your Flex Code – FlexPMD

Posted by Charles | September 4, 2009 | Comment

Java developers should have known their PMD tool for awhile. Finlay, Flex developers can enjoy the same counterpart, FlexPMD. FlexPMD is a tool that helps to improve code quality by auditing any AS3/Flex source directory and detecting common bad practices, such as: Unused code (functions, variables, constants, etc.)Inefficient code (misuse of dynamic filters, heavy constructors, etc.)Over-complex code (nested loops, too many conditionals, etc.)Over-long code (classes, methods, etc.)Incorrect use of the Flex component lifecycle (commitProperties, etc.)FlexPMD can be invoked via command line, Maven, Ant or Automator on Mac OS X. This is very nice.You can download it from here.

4 Alternative iPhone App Development Tools

Posted by Charles | September 3, 2009 | 7 Comments

What takes to develop an iPhone application? $90 for SDK with publishing account plus a Mac. At least that what Apple tells you. Are there any other alternative or shortcut? Here are four of them:Unity ( the argument that if or not the Unity3D is taking away Flash developer, it’s a matter of fact a game development platform for iPhone. If you are really into mobile game development and have been tied up from iPhone because of its lack of Flash or Object-C is too deep for you, then Unity could be a good bid. With Unity Studio, publishing […] Continue Reading…

Rounding Up Last Week

Posted by Sravan | August 31, 2009 | Comment

Bhuvan, India’s Google Earth Killer, for the time being sucks. For now they have the excuses of the terrorist scare and the implications on national security of open access to hi-res geospatial data.

While Silverlight scored another win in the sports industry which I won’t report, the Adobe AIR is excited about’s OnBase, the AIR app to keep yourself abreast with everything MLB.

Lee Brimelow in this tutorial shows how easy it is to integrate server-side data into Flex 4 applications using Flash Builder.

Scott Barnes warns app developers to respect the desktop real estate of users, and restrain themselves from […] Continue Reading…

Resurrection of AIR App Nomee

Posted by Sravan | August 28, 2009 | 2 Comments

Nomee is an AIR app that attempts to be a one-stop-shop for all social networking. Similar to Skimmer, I initially thought. Back in April when it had entered public beta, I was unimpressed. The concept of Nomee cards was quite confusing and the need to explicitly share cards with friends soured the experience. Three months later, Charles’ experience wasn’t any better either.

However, Nomee’s willingness to recieve feedback and regularly update has been a great plus for the app. Nomee’s latest release came out only this week with several new features, and since its first public beta version it has […] Continue Reading…

What is in Adobe AIR 2.0?

Posted by Sravan | August 26, 2009 | 6 Comments

Rob Christensen’s mention of Adobe AIR 2.0 in his list of AIR-related sessions coming to Adobe MAX 2009 sent me in a frenzy that took me nowhere. Adobe AIR 2.0 is codenamed ‘Athena’.

Arno Gourdol gave a ‘demo’ of AIR 2.0 in the San Fancisco FlashCamp back in May where the only feature he unveiled was the StorageVolumeChangeEvent which can detect volume changes like, say, inserting and removing a USB drive. He also mentioned that more information about the “next major release” will be made public during MAX 2009. Those who attended the FlashCamp also had the option to […] Continue Reading…

Rounding Up the MAX Widget Week

Posted by Sravan | August 24, 2009 | Comment

The entire blogosphere is abuzz with the Adobe MAX widget that Serge Jespers made. I am not able to embed it in this post. Be sure to update your Flex apps to use the 3.4 SDK. It contains a fix to a critical security bug that could cause cross-site scripting when using the older SDKs. Read this Adobe TechNote to learn how to update older versions of the SDK and correct issues within existing web pages based on the older templates. AIR app TweetDeck dethroned another AIR […] Continue Reading…

Another Step Towards Deep Thought

Posted by Sravan | August 20, 2009 | Comment

I have been reading about Wolfram|Alpha here and there every now and then but never gave it the attention it deserved until now. For the similarly uninitiated, what is Wolfram Alpha? Ask it yourself. Wolfram|Alpha is a self-aware computational knowledge engine, which is to say that it computes based on the knowledge it already has and knows what it is doing, or at least thinks that it does.

This self-description immediately highlights that it is very different from Google (and other search engines) and Wikipedia (and other online encyclopedias) despite the immediate comparisons (which even I make here). While Google […] Continue Reading…

Rounding Up Week Of the 2009 Hype Cycle

Posted by Sravan | August 17, 2009 | Comment

The Gartner Hype Cycle 2009 report was released last week. Cloud computing and E-book readers share the global maxima, and social software suites and microblogging are apparently just past their crest. Ryan Stewart highlighted Adobe’s prominence.

Ryan Stewart is also awestruck by interface designer Theresa Neil and highly recommends some of her material on RIAs.

Elad Elrom has a hands-on tutorial on using the Adobe Pixel Bender Toolkit for increasing your Flash app performance on the Flash Magazine.

Ted Patrick revealed that sharing code is the secret to getting noticed in the Flash community.

The Adobe Flex team is conducting a user research […] Continue Reading…

Spinning Down the Web Squared

Posted by Sravan | August 14, 2009 | Comment

Tim O’Reilly and John Battelle released a white paper called Web Squared: Web 2.0 Five Years On as a warm up before the Web 2.0 Summit which is to take place in October. The paper is a must read for all web savvy, and all those who care about the directions in which the world is going, the directions in which the web is driving the world.

Covering many real world technological challenges of today from augmented reality to speech recognition and generation, it explains a lot of things that are already happening in the web world and introduces us […] Continue Reading…


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