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Become Instant VJ with Flex/AIR VISP

Posted by Charles | October 10, 2007 | Comment

Imagine in your party, you fire up a laptop loaded with a VISP (Visual Performer) software, plus cool photo or video clips and noisy music, project the the visual show on the walls or ceiling if you want. Now you are the center of the party, the VJ that really spicy the air up…. That’s what the Flex/AIR based VISP software can help archive. I would recommend go download the software for a spin or at least watch the video at the site. It’s a very useable and real AIR application. And believe me, it’s not a toy. There […] Continue Reading…

Flex Word Processor Beats Big League

Posted by Charles | October 9, 2007 | 4 Comments

The list of online players that offer office software is getting very long, from Google (Google Pack), Sun OpenOffice, IBM’s latest Lotus based and bunch of other startups such as Sohu. The goal is all the same, challenging Microsoft’s domination on the office space, while Microsoft starts defending the turf with office live products. Now, seems Adobe determined to join the big league too, with the purchase of the well hyped Flex based web word processor, Buzzword. I tried Buzzword and LOVE IT! Simplicity and fully functional are the two major factors that make Buzzword a winner. Registration […] Continue Reading…

Get Ideas from Cool Software, laterally

Posted by Charles | October 8, 2007 | Comment

Intel goes web 2.0 style web with releasing a new Digg clone site called CoolSW. The CoolSW site is an online community of people passionate about software. Members can post information about an interesting new software company and, more important, the community votes on whether they think a software company is, well, “cool.” Companies that receive a lot of votes get elevated to the site’s front page where the casual visitor can see what community members consider the most interesting software. Aside from the pure entertainment, get the latest information about new up-and-coming applications or companies. Contributors are putting […] Continue Reading…

Happy Flex Testing – FunFX

Posted by Charles | October 8, 2007 | 4 Comments

While you growing your Flex application to become a giant serious system, you really want to keep up with testing. Good news, there are options. Got this from and between Derek Wischusen at FlexonRails (my favorate topic) and Aslak Hellesoy, a top RoR guy. FunFX is a free, open source Flex’s automation framework, developed by Peter Motzfeldt, that makes it possible to take advantage of Flex’s automation framework using test scripts written in Ruby. Sweet, that’ll help the Flex/RoR breeding process… FunFX is packaged as a Ruby gem. I was unable to install it via the normal gem install […] Continue Reading…

What The Fact is Tamarin

Posted by Charles | October 7, 2007 | Comment

The short answer is, Tamarin is ActionScript virtual machine that its code is used by Adobe within the Flash player. Pretty significant, right. There are more. Tamarin Project is one of mozilla projects. The goal of the “Tamarin” project is to implement a high-performance, open source implementation of the ECMAScript 4th edition (ES4) language specification. The Tamarin virtual machine will be used by Mozilla within SpiderMonkey, the core JavaScript engine embedded in Firefox®, and other products based on Mozilla technology. The Tamarin virtual machine currently implements the ECMAScript 3rd edition language standard that is the basis for JavaScript, Adobe […] Continue Reading…

What is JavaFX Anyway – Answered

Posted by Charles | October 6, 2007 | 3 Comments

Since JavaFX was first introduced as a new RIA tool at JavaOne in May this year, a confusion has been floating around too. That is, what is JavaFX anyway and what’s up with a new scripting language called JavaFX Script? Now, Joshua Marinacci of Sun’s Swing Toolkit group finally came out and try to clear the dust out. He’s answer is JavaFX != JavaFx Script.

In the same titled blog post, he first cleared that JavaFX is a client technology that “a bunch of new stuff that focuses on the client side; on the user.” The reason that Sun making […] Continue Reading…

How Can an E-commerce Go Further

Posted by Charles | October 5, 2007 | Comment

Just visited a outdoor furniture online store searching for patio furniture. While browsing through the site my mind start wondering to the usability side of the web again. I’ve mentioned in other posts couple of times that the online e-commerce seems lag behind all those web 2.0 social network sites. I would think these profit driven sites should be more into RIA technologies and enhance usability. Take the site as an example, there are some places can improved to make it more attractive and increase convergences. Photos – I’d like to have some close-up look at those furniture. […] Continue Reading…

What The Fact is Adobe Thermo

Posted by Charles | October 5, 2007 | Comment

At MAX this week,  Adobe gave a preview of new RIA tool, Thermo. It’s RIA application builder for the designers (yahoooo! Adobe does recognizes that designers are its bread and butter!) According to Adobe lab: Applications created in Thermo are Flex applications that can be loaded directly into Flex Builder, providing a great roundtrip workflow for designers collaborating with developers. The designer’s work can be incorporated directly into the production application with no loss of fidelity, and designers can continue to refine the design throughout the iterative development process. Use drawing tools to create original graphics, wireframe an […] Continue Reading…

What’s up with Flex 3

Posted by Charles | October 4, 2007 | Comment

Adobe flex 3 (code name Moxie…hehehe) expected come out in early 2008. There is a interview conducted by InfoQ to Adobe’s James Ward, Technical Evangelist. The interview is about Flex 3. A very interesting topic in this interview is on the differences between Flex and Siliverlight. It’s a very good reading. Here are some of it.

“Some of the most noteworthy changes include:
A new memory and performance profiler in Flex Builder
Support for creating applications which utilize the Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR)
ActionScript class name refactoring
Significantly improved first-run application startup time when using the Persistent Framework Cache
Numerous improvements to the Design View […] Continue Reading…


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