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Need a new web hosting?

Posted by Charles | October 3, 2007 | Comment

I’ve been moving around my blog to find a good web hosting. For the readers who are interested in doing the same move, here is a website hosting place you might want to consider. Usually I have several criteria in my mind when evaluate a web hosting company: reliability – I really want my site runs 24/7 support – when get problem, there is someone help me at reasonable pace. I’ve experienced ghost hosting company that ended up having nobody around. Dumped it. Affordable price – blog really just serves text so that the computing power is really limited at back […] Continue Reading…

Adobe Media Player is Still a Useless Demo

Posted by Charles | October 3, 2007 | 1 Comment

The RIA technologies and tools are born to deal with multimedia. That’s why we start having great tools such Anywhere.FM, which I mentioned a while ago. At desktop, the duel, Microsoft Media Player and Real One, is still holds the de facto status, even though all the cool kids are playing online toys these days. What Adobe’s answer to the media worlds is its newly re-prerelease Adobe Media Player (AMP), which is developed in Adobe AIR.

The installation is super fast! Once it started, the UI is in web browser style so that the “workflow” is like browsing contents. It […] Continue Reading…

Adobe Advances in Mobile Space

Posted by Charles | October 2, 2007 | Comment

Adobe Flash Lite 3 is out. It supports FLV and that means it can directly consume online videos, such as the ones from All the phones with S60 or WM5/6 such as the N95 will be able to use it. Flash Player for Mobile Devices Delivers High-Impact Video and Dynamic Web Content ADOBE MAX 2007, CHICAGO – October 1, 2007 — Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq: ADBE) today announced the availability of Adobe® Flash® Lite™ 3 software, which now supports Adobe Flash Player compatible video and enables the delivery of dynamic Web content on mobile devices. Flash […] Continue Reading…

eBay Desktop is out – in Adobe AIR

Posted by Charles | October 2, 2007 | Comment

eBay’s San Dimas project has a new name: eBay Desktop. The product has also graduated to public beta, thanks in no small part to the enthusiasm and support of all of you. Whether or not you installed San Dimas, you can now download eBay Desktop, for free, from They’ve revamped the home screen to dedicate more area to highlighting your eBay activity — watch list, bidding list, recent items, recent categories, and favorite searches. We also have a great new browse feature that makes browsing on eBay a workable alternative to search. Favorite search feeds allow you to […] Continue Reading…

Same concept with a new twist – wixi

Posted by Charles | October 2, 2007 | 2 Comments

Wixi is interesting startup that is media storage plus social focused with desktop organizer approach. I’ve git the bata code to test it out. One reason this startup interesting is the way it utilizing Flash as integrate part of UI components. Different from yourminis, the Flash desktop that is pure Flash all the way, Wixi uses Flash only when it improves usability. For example, the core function of creating content, where at Wixi is to upload video, pictures,etc, it uses Flash to allow users do the one-click file upload while giving other metadata such as tags. Also, for […] Continue Reading…

Surprise Popular Flash e-card Startup

Posted by Charles | October 1, 2007 | Comment

I am with you to think the electric greeting card is so web 1.0 and lame and I’ve never use it and hated to receive one. But somehow the new startup, MushGushy, is making e-card on fire. I don’t want to call e-card 2.0 because that’ll be lame too. MushGushy is a Flash based e-card startup. I think the only reason it’s getting this popular is one word, FUN. “At MushyGushy, we’re all about self expression and connection… for everyone. And we really mean everyone! We’re the only site that gives its community the tools to easily upload […] Continue Reading…

A Interesting Tool to Craft 3D Land with Flash

Posted by Charles | September 30, 2007 | Comment

This is a unique Flash based tool. You need some patient to get to know or learn to use it. Landcraft is from Parkstudio Lab, a Russia based company doing some very creative Flash stuffs. I think they are doing a lot more but I can read Russian.  I guess you have to know the topic to really know how to use the tool. There lots of things you can adjust and then regenerate the 3D land section. I believe there some scientific research behind it. I suggest you visit Lab site as well. There are […] Continue Reading…

Color Lover Loves Colors

Posted by Charles | September 29, 2007 | Comment

Now you know I love colors. Actually I love color schemes. That is, put some colors together to form harmony and pass information in a joyful way. Thus, I give you another color site, Color Lover, to full fill your colorful RIA works. COLOURlovers™ is a resource that monitors and influences color trends. COLOURlovers gives the people who use color – whether for ad campaigns, product design, or even in architectural specification – a place to check out a world of color, compare color palettes, submit news and comments, and read color related articles and interviews. The COLOURlovers™ […] Continue Reading…

AOL goes to Flex

Posted by Charles | September 28, 2007 | 1 Comment

AOL launched a new Flex based product called Bluestring at recent TechCrunch 40 conference. BlueString is a free online service that allows you to preserve and share your memories in a whole new way. You can store, create and share your photos, videos and music – all from one place. At BlueString, you can combine these different media to create multimedia shows to share with friends and family.  You can upload the most common video, image, and audio file formats to BlueString. The list below should help you.  The largest allowed file size is 50 megabytes (MB).Video: MPG, MPEG4, AVI, […] Continue Reading…


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