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IM in AIR and Flex

Posted by Charles | September 27, 2007 | Comment

There are quite a few all-in-one instant messenger (IM) clients out there, desktop or webtop. It makes great sense to have a Flash based on so that we can IM everywhere (desktop, web, windows or Mac, PC or mobile). There is a Adobe AIR IM client that does just that, the FUSE. FUZE is an all-in-one instant messenger built on top of Adobe Air. FUZE allows you to connect to popular IM services such as AOL, YAHOO, MSN, GTalk, and more! The transfer of messages are handled by an Openfire Jabber based server. The messenger was built using […] Continue Reading…

Can’t Believe Those Are Java Applets

Posted by Charles | September 26, 2007 | 5 Comments

I’ve spent half hour playing these visual effect pages. I just can’t believe those are good old Java Applets. They kinda changed my view towards the sister technology JavaFX. The effects are actually quite simple, I’m sure the mathematic model behind them won’t be too complicate. It just I’ve never seen Java applets can do things like those, which we are very familiar with Flash people. I would suggest you play those and get a hang of it on how to control the draws. Then you can get creative to start drawing some very pretty stuffs. Look for the big Next […] Continue Reading…

Color Color Every Day

Posted by Charles | September 26, 2007 | Comment

I’ve written several color related posts only because colors are the most important ingredients for RIA. If you are into good colors too for your applications, your web designs, or your not even technology related creative works, here is a place you can have something new every day, The Daily Color Scheme. I started using it for my Powerpoint presentations and my Viso diagrams. Both is visually important way to carry and pass information. By using color schemes, I don’t need worry about the how different colors work together and how to use colors to make the importance stands out.

Google Analytics in Adobe AIR

Posted by Charles | September 25, 2007 | 1 Comment

Every blogger cares about state of the beloved blog. Google Analytics is a free and great tool to learn the site state. It covers everything you want know about your site, the visitors, the keywords people used to land on your site, etc. The guy Nico at AboutNico makes Google Analytics a desktop application now, in Adobe AIR. Among the Adobe AIR sample applications, this one is a very useful tool. I wouldn’t  say it’s a sample of demo. It’s actually an utility I would start using it everyday. Considering the rich feature of Google Analytics, the AIR desktop […] Continue Reading…

May the Flowers Bloom with Flash

Posted by Charles | September 24, 2007 | 1 Comment

People are always inspired by the creativity coming from nature, butterflies, clouds, snowflakes, or flowers. Sometimes people just want to be as good as nature. With this Flash flower making site, Zefrank Flowers, you can just do that. The site is very simple. Some shapes, color picker panel, etc. You can start creating flower right away and share it too. Of cause, to make your flower really beautiful you have to be really good at color and pattern and be really creativity with vivid imagination. That’s why I love something like this, very simple and easy tool that is […] Continue Reading…

Nokia Fence off iTune with Flash

Posted by Charles | September 23, 2007 | 2 Comments

The cellphone giant Nokia is visibly transition itself to be mobile media service provider. Outside of USA, Nokia is the one be compared to style and innovation powerhouse Apple. They are building a media social network site, ovi, with offers including iTune alike music purchase feature, which will be enjoyed by their highend hardware owner, such those happy N95 holders. By the way, our sister site N95Pro is exclusively focusing on getting the most out of Nokia N95. Currently, the site is not open yet. However, the door-closed site is live with Flash for promotion. You can have […] Continue Reading…

Is RIA the RWA now?

Posted by Charles | September 22, 2007 | 2 Comments

We know Macromedia crafted term RIA (rich internet applications) and it does has good representation of the set of products in the market (Flash, Flex, Adobe AIR, Silverlight, JavaFX or even AJAX). We also know once awhile there will be new spins of new terms comes out. That’s how gurus got made. Read this article about implications of rich web applications for business. The author obviously knows what he’s writing but he insisted use the term RWA. Besides that, it’s good writing. Here are the summary of the implications: Internal use of RWA for providing the presentation layer to SOA.  Internal use of RWA […] Continue Reading…

4 Resources to Obtain Instant Flash

Posted by Charles | September 22, 2007 | Comment

When you feel like to jump in creating a Flash site but discouraged by the learning curve or have doubt about your creativity potential, you are not alone. Here are the 3 resources could jump start your Flashing Flash applications: The site, OhMyFlash, has very decent amount of Flash components. They have Photo Gallery components, Horizontal Navigation, Vertical Navigation, Motion Effect Mask, Croller, Movieclip, Text effect, Flash  + XML, Flash Icons and Business Templates. Besides, the site itself is in Flash. Of cause, it’s e-commerce site, which means that everything there is for sale. However, every one […] Continue Reading…

Who is a Extremely Talent Flash Designer

Posted by Charles | September 21, 2007 | 1 Comment

If there are many, at least Ricardo Cabello is one the most talent Flash designer. I wasn’t asked for my opinion back then but my parents decided to call me Ricardo Cabello. Years later they asked me what I wanted to be and I said “a London based designer and developer”. Yes, Mr. Doob, you are a great one too. My suggestion is, once you get to his site, try to click everything you can click, you would amazed what one good Flash designer can do with Flash. While watching those artworks (yes, they are!), I always […] Continue Reading…


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