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100 more Named Colors to Snob Design Talks

Posted by Charles | September 16, 2007 | Comment

“How about making the site in rosvrown tune with touch of  fuchsia, then highlight the essentials with khaki …” um… what a snob talk and seemly make you either sound knowing what you are doing or trying to drive business away. Either way, believe it or not, all these 140 named color can be recognized by standard HTML engines (browsers). Aside from the usefulness of using name than hex in the code, it’s just good to know those names. Seriously, this should be for the entertainment only. Use CSS with limited set of Hex color values tested with color picking tool is […] Continue Reading…

Javascript Start War ASCIImation

Posted by Charles | September 15, 2007 | Comment

It’s weekend and let’s have some funs. Before Flash and all the other visualization tools, people have been trying to be creative using what ever in hands, even ASCIIs. At the Java applet time there was this Java Star War ASSCIImation site got great attention. Now, in the RIA age, Javascript is in good play and that ASCII show has been ported to javascript. Hence the new Star Wars ACIIMation. If you are the Star War fun, you do can follow the story here. Amazing people will spend that good amount time creating such thing. This seemly a collaborated […] Continue Reading…

Rethink School with Flash

Posted by Charles | September 14, 2007 | Comment

Flash is something great for educational tools, although I am not a big fun to go visual on everything educational, especially things like using dots on paper or fingers to help earlier grade student doing math, found in the US schools. Brains should be trained and developed with logics and abstract understandings. Those visual helps (dots and fingers) contribute great deal of making the US the math third world. Anyway, however, at some other areas, visualization can help. They help students absorbing large amount of information quickly and easily. Here is a example, a Flash map from Rethinking Schools to learn what in […] Continue Reading…

Freedom gives Creativity, and Business

Posted by Charles | September 13, 2007 | Comment

Or, creativity demands freedom. Obviously that’s how Microsoft understand when it starts opening up independent identify web sites to promote its products and image. Business like Microsoft has established kingdom, such as web site. Consistency and standard are important to run such big shop. You can’t see any approve in the future that any trendy or hype color or element show on It just doesn’t works that way. Then how big shop like Mr. MS to make itself looks young? Give creativity freedom online, its own identify. And, they are in the roll with that.   To participate […] Continue Reading…

100 Flex Business Ideas – 11- Jewelry Show

Posted by Charles | September 12, 2007 | 1 Comment

While I’m searching for new ideas for the 100 flex posts, a bunch of jewelry emails draw my attention (from a to be married friend). One of them is for engagement rings. You wouldn’t believe how much people are willing to spend to get married. It’s a multi-billion dollar business. Any way, the site above has AJAX Engagement Ring Builder, and I love it.

Traditionally, people go to Jewelry store to seek and try the engagement rings. The Abazias Diamonds goes online, which fits the trend that younger generation people are very comfortable doing bigger item shopping online. However, the […] Continue Reading…

Another Online Portfolio in Style

Posted by Charles | September 12, 2007 | Comment

As I promised that I’ll present more designer sites here. Laura Racero’s online Flash Portfolio is just one addition on my list. The site is in a typical artistic black tune. That works very well for her colorful art pieces. I don’t really agree or enjoy every one of them but most of them are very creative and full of imagination. Looking into such web gallery, I couldn’t think of any reason a HTML plain old online category style site for artist will have any use at all these days.

Fresh Business Thinking in UK

Posted by Charles | September 11, 2007 | Comment

A friend in UK recommended this site after reading the 100 flex business idea posts. It’s all about Uk business. I found it’s indeed very useful. is an on-line resource for small business owners, directors and entrepreneurs. It is where information hungry and time-poor business decision makers can source information and advice to help them run their businesses more effectively and efficiently. UK and Europe in general are becoming increasingly innovating place these days. I’ve seen startups popping up everyday. And, it’s always fascinating me is that some of the most talent and creative Flash or Flex designers […] Continue Reading…

Learn a bit history via Flash map timeline

Posted by Charles | September 11, 2007 | Comment

Can Google map goes back to history. Don’t think so. If you want to learn some history visually and watch the changes over time on a map, you might have to use something like this Flash map timeline. When it starts play, when the year number increase, the a vertical slider is moving to show the events. On the US map, colored shapes will visualize the data. It is a very simple and not that exciting Flash piece. But going from here, some thing important and lack is discovered: How we visualize time based data. We are in a […] Continue Reading…

Simply another Flash Photo Gallery

Posted by Charles | September 10, 2007 | Comment

As a eye candy, here is simply another Flash Photo Gallery. There Flash is not that fancy and colorful like we’ve be seeing here. I just enjoy the photos and the beauties.


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