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Flash Social Music Buffet Site – All You Can Listen

Posted by Charles | August 15, 2007 | Comment

Blogmusik is a Flash based music juke box on demand. Everything on this site is free. The Flash UI works great and the design is very functional for a music site. Of cause it’s social too. You can create you own playlist and share it. The music quality is extremely good. The business model is advertisement. I notice the square dedicate ads place is integrated into the site UI very well and the ads contents are very appealing too. As I kept saying, an online business needs offline solution too these days. Blogmusik seems have one. They have some […] Continue Reading…

a creepy and mystery Flash site

Posted by Charles | August 14, 2007 | 2 Comments

There are some explorations need to be done once you get on to this Flash Site, SP*C**L D*F*CTS. The first time you get on to it, a mystery foot print will show up and it will follow your mouse’s movement. Here is a tip. Try to find a little (very little) white dot and click it. There will be more options for you. One of them, the Heart, is quite creepy actually. I wouldn’t say it’s a game and I didn’t try to find out what’s the site for. I don’t need. It’s just another bored  and creative Flash […] Continue Reading…

9 Flex File Upload Examples Visited

Posted by Charles | August 14, 2007 | 20 Comments

As I recall, before Flex 2.0, the most wanted feature from Flex was File Upload. I still think the most significant improvement at Flex 2.0 is the file upload capability. So is it easy to do file upload with Flex now? Here I found some Flex file upload resources just in case you need them (I’m sure you will).
Flex File Upload Component
You can view the demo here. It’s small yet working Flex upload app. the original piece is here. They did a decent job to get upload going. Of cause once you started, in a real world project, you […] Continue Reading…

Learning Blackhole with Flash

Posted by Charles | August 13, 2007 | Comment

The Think Technologies has an educational Flash to show/learn about Blackhole. It’s quite interesting to see educational aspect of Flash. I do believe there are lots Flash can do in this area.

back online and lesson learned

Posted by Charles | August 13, 2007 | Comment

You might noticed the site was acting really bad in the last couple days. That’s because I started the migration process from the old crabby hosting to Hostmonster. It’s finally back online. There are few lessons learned to share with you in case you might want to do something like this. Pick a hosting company with live support. We know what we are doing but there are lots of stuffs are out of our control. I’ve got problem add domain to the new hosting even though everything at my end was setup correctly. So I have to […] Continue Reading…

Flash + Java + AJAX + IM = VelvetPuffin

Posted by Moxie Zhang | August 10, 2007 | Comment

VelvetPuffin, it is a very rare case that all the interesting RIA technologies have been used in one place in a startup. It even more rare that they are applied very elegantly. Aside from everything else, I would highly recommend the site design of this startup, VelvetPuffin. If to use one word to describe its UI design, that’ll be Consistency.
They have some AJAX effects here and there. They use Flash to do the registration and sign-in as well as some promotional photo viewing as shown below. The main function, instant messaging, is carried through Java applet when invoke from the […] Continue Reading…

alert: Nokia Mosh is out with access code

Posted by Moxie Zhang | August 9, 2007 | 1 Comment

Our sister site reports that the Nokia Mosh social network site is out in beta. And here is the access code: ALLACCESS. Go paly.

The State of Adobe AIR – Two Months Later

Posted by Moxie Zhang | August 9, 2007 | Comment

Adobe officially turned Apollo into Adobe AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime) in June. First of all, the name is really geek-ish. It’s same type of recursive name as PHP (PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor). So, it’s very human I should say:-) There is a good writing about the the state of AIR at InfoQ, which give you sense where AIR is. In summary, AIR is a big bag of goodies contains the utilizations of HTML/CSS, AJAX, Flash and it make online-go-offline a reality. It features:

Support for PDF
Improved runtime and application install experience
Embedded local database (using SQLite)
Drag’n’drop and clipboard support
Numerous HTML support and […] Continue Reading…

Flex Plus Ruby on Rails To Do Long Run Tasks

Posted by Moxie Zhang | August 9, 2007 | Comment

This is another example of collaboration between Flex and Ruby on Rails, which is my favorite web solution. It’s written by Rowan Hick. 
The idea is to do things such as Flex upload and kick off Rails background process to handle the file process behind the scene, in the mean while the Flex can be used to monitor the status of the backend process. Ruby on Rails has this nice and handy Backgroundrb that allow exactly such solution.
Rowan utilize the Rail worker generator creates the backend process, which is a nice modular design provided very handy by Rails. A small Flex […] Continue Reading…


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