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Hot Startup goes offline with Adobe AIR (Apollo)

Posted by Charles | July 26, 2007 | Comment

This very highly hyped web startup, Pawnce, is doing something right. It has offline desktop feature too and they are using Adobe AIR (known as Apollo), for both Mac and Windows, of cause. Pownce is a way to send stuff to your friends. What kind of stuff? You can send just about anything: music, photos, messages, links, events, and more. You can do it all on our web site, or install our lightweight desktop software that lets you get out of the browser. For now, the participation of the alpha is invitation only. (Note: I have a few […] Continue Reading…

How Google Earth Really Works

Posted by Charles | July 26, 2007 | 1 Comment

Google Earth is probably one of the great data visualization tools around. Regardless we are with Flex, Adobe AIR, Microsoft Silverlight or Sun JavaFX, or even the purist AJAX camp, we all can learn something from it. One of the co-founders of Keyhole who helped build the virtual globe which later became Google Earth is Avi Bar-Ze’ev. Avi has worked on many interesting graphics projects in his career in addition to Keyhole, he worked on Second Life, and he worked on one of Disney Imagineering’s virtual reality rides (Alladin’s Magic Carpet). He has some unique understandings of the technical […] Continue Reading…

Photos flow smoothly with Flash

Posted by Charles | July 25, 2007 | Comments Off on Photos flow smoothly with Flash

Unless you are living in a cave and never go out, you have some photo hosted somewhere online. You must used some sort of of photo slide effect function somewhere online. Photo slider does what it does. But is it kinda boring? Well, not with PhotoFlow Flash component.
Have you ever seen Mac’s widget? Those liquid effect that smoothly moving icons and highlighting the one you will working on? That’s what PhotoFlow does. It makes photo viewing more elegant and interesting. Click here to give it try.
It does come with price but after playing with it for […] Continue Reading…

11 Trends (2007) Impact Enterprise IT

Posted by Charles | July 25, 2007 | Comment

Half way though year 2007, I’d like to take a look at what the trends in the software technology area are having impacts on enterprise IT solutions. I know there are still on-going discussions/debates regarding if IT is relevant to business. However, business needs IT, period. Leaving the “relevant or not” part to gurus, let me just try to figure out where should we go from there. Here are the eleven trends going on I think will/should make enterprise people think harder. I know you are all used to “top 10″. But I identified 11, what can I do? […] Continue Reading…

Revealed – Oracle Larry Ellison owns NetSuite, a SaaS company

Posted by Charles | July 25, 2007 | Comment

NetSuite is a SaaS company that provides businesses a suite of online business applications such as ERP, CRM, etc, those well known three-letter so called enterprise applications. This type business, with as the flagship, supposedly directly compete with those traditional business application vendors such as SAP and Oracle. Surprise, the recent IPO filing from NetSutie revealed that Oracle’s CEO, Ellison owns 61% of NetSuite. Ellison actually co-founded NetSutie in 1998 with former Oracle Vice President Evan Goldberg. That certainly give Ellison a play in the hot SaaS space. But how about Oracle. That’s whole lots of conflicting of interests. […] Continue Reading…

Read what you like to read – thoof way

Posted by Charles | July 24, 2007 | Comment

Do you really need another news aggregator? Well, if you can find one really helps your reading. Try thoof. I’ve talked about the feature of attention is the future of web. Thoof is such personalized news reading tool. To use it, you need sign up to get an account, which is free. The sign up process is surprisely fast. You give an email address and done. Once you received a email, just confirm it and choose your user name and password. When there are too many new web 2.0 sites pop up everything, a simple and easy signup process certainly […] Continue Reading…

Simplicity and get things done

Posted by Charles | July 24, 2007 | Comment

Came across this interesting site/tool, WebCockpit 1.0, and it’s very interesting and could be potentially useful. There are lots of productivity related topic lately, especially when David Allen’s Get Things Done book and practice getting very popular. Now the Simpleology WebCockpit 1.0 is so called the first “Web 2.0″ application designed to allow its users to apply the simpleology principles (as taught in the Wall Street Journal best-selling book and the Simpleology 101 online course) in an automated setting. Both simpleology 101 and the WebCockpit are free to all (along with a few other userful tools). This is our first release and […] Continue Reading…

naked Flash alarm clock

Posted by Charles | July 24, 2007 | 2 Comments

It’s simple, clear and services only one function, alarm clock. And it’s Flash. There is no other pages, no about, no blog, no advertisement, just naked clock. For people always have their computer on and always online, it might be useful tool. Thanks to the creator! BTW, why this name? Answer is on its site.

Create Your own Flex Game – MyGameBuilder

Posted by Charles | July 24, 2007 | 23 Comments

After the post about create your Flash Game (myGame), here comes the Flex game builder – It’s written in Flex, you will certainly notice that when start loading the application, the usual light blue Flex loading page. I should say these guys have very elaborate game setup over there. You can create maps, actors, tiles and even a tutorial for your game. Considering it’s built with Flex, the performance is quite good, from loading to click through. One interesting observation, the whole builder application is hosted with Amazon S3. It’ll be interesting to hear the S3 experience if they […] Continue Reading…


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